Platform validation

Quickly pinpoint and resolve irregularities on your server using Bootstrapper. Bootstrapper inspects and corrects over 3,000 components to ensure your system is operating correctly. Run it whenever you want for a full assessment of system health.


A mechanic for your server

Bootstrapper incorporates industry best practices to ensure your server is configured optimally with minimal fuss. Bootstrapper scrubs for platform deviations and automatically fixes them without intervention. When paired with Scopes, any platform changes are woven into Bootstrapper's logic to ensure your server is consistently configured.

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Bootstrapper Components

  • Quota management
  • Secure /tmp
  • Install RPM channels
  • User-defined MariaDB distribution
  • User-defined PostgreSQL distribution
  • Build optimized PHP from source
  • Let's Encrypt
  • cgroups
  • Create ApisCP synthetic filesystem
  • Filesystem mount flags
  • Postfix
  • Dovecot
  • PAM security
  • /etc journaling
  • tuned
  • watchdog
  • NSS caching
  • fail2ban + whitelisting
  • firewalld
  • Phusion Passenger
  • pyenv, rbenv, goenv, nvm
  • ClamAV + malware scrubbing
  • sysctl tuning
  • Optimize network window

And so much more! View source on GitHub.

Pinpoint accuracy

Bootstrapper modifies only what it needs without deploying RPMs that can make locating inconsistencies difficult.

Less is more

Only changes are reported, which can be easily digested.

Part of ApisCP

Bootstrapper is used extensively as part of ApisCP to roll out updates in a predictable way. Just run upcp -a to run Bootstrapper as necessary.

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