Rampart: the adaptive firewall

Dynamically filter and rate-limit malicious traffic. Throttle HTTP requests, ban brute-force attempts, and permanent blacklists for persistent bots.


Measurable performance

A firewall you can measure

What good is a firewall if you can't see it's performance?

Rampart constantly filters, blocks, and aggregates its metrics to remind you just how bad it is outside. Special protocols receive special treatment, including malformed SMTP packets and high value URIs.

Powerful integration

Backed by a top class API, Rampart is interactable from ApisCP's Dashboard. It can periodically load IPs from a centralized spot and allow offices to whitelist their IP from brute-force protection.

Tip If you're just starting out with Rampart, check out rampart:blacklist and rampart:whitelist API commands.


Simple firewall API

Strong features

Constant scaling

Rampart performance is the same with 1 blacklist or 10,000 blacklists. Rampart uses ipset, which performs in O(1) time.

Protocol filter

Rampart listens for non-sensical protocol exchanges and blocks abusive clients.

Automatic expiration

Blocked addresses automatically expire after a set time. Repeat offenders are placed into a permanent blacklist.

API integration

Use rampart_ban and rampart_unban to quickly manage firewalled addresses using ApisCP's API.

Major services supported

Rampart covers HTTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, FTP, CP, and SSH blacklisting.

Faster performance, guaranteed

Servers running Rampart operate faster with lower load averages.

Get started for free

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/apisnetworks/apiscp-bootstrapper/master/bootstrap.sh | bash
SHA2: fdbf16d76bffd0ebacf6bf840fc2e508f26a1362415e8d4c9d01d425a69c000d