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  • Host unlimited sites/server, no restrictions
  • One license is required per server
  • Free panel updates
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  • License is transferable
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  • Volume licensing discounts available
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  • Run ApisCP's bootstrap utility on a fresh machine.
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  • Licenses may be easily converted to a lifetime paid license within the panel.
  • Providing an email address will allow ApisCP to notify you once installed. Servers change hands quite often and it's not uncommon for a server to be blacklisted from sending mail. Supplying an email gives you an idea on the state of the server.
  • Curious on the server's performance? Check out our special Benchmark release. Not all providers are equal.

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Event-driven Apache MPM

  • HTTP/2
  • Socket-activated PHP-FPM
  • Let's Encrypt SSL
  • Any-version PHP
  • native + Remi packages
  • Brotli + Gzip compression
  • Malware scrubbing
  • Google Pagespeed optimization
  • Phusion Passenger for Node, Ruby, and Python
  • Any-version Node, Ruby, Python
  • Well-known URI restrictions
  • Easy HTTP file audits

Operating System

Maximum lifecycle support with CentOS/RHEL

  • 10 year OS support lifecycle
  • Automatic OS tuning
  • All ports firewalled
  • fail2ban + permanent recividism
  • Automatic software updates
  • cgroup resource enforcement
  • Service monitoring + push notification
  • Optimal filesystem tuning
  • NSS caching
  • /etc version control
  • Log rotation

Control Panel

Built by customer feedback over 15 years

  • Panel demo
  • 2,000+ command API
  • WordPress, Drupal, Ghost, Discourse, Laravel 1-click installs + automatic updates
  • Magento, Joomla 1-click installs
  • Multi-user + service restricted accounts
  • User impersonation
  • SSO webmail, database access
  • Database backup, rollback, snapshots
  • Task scheduling
  • Automatic quota, firewall assistance

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curl | bash
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